Understanding Colour Theory

Understanding and Using Colour watercolour painting tools

Diane is a Qualified Teacher (BEd), Experienced Artist and Art Instructor who enjoys helping her students learn and practice their painting and drawing in her Private Art Studio in the beautiful Scenic Rim. Diane is sociable and friendly and happy to work at a pace that is comfortable for each individual student.

Diane enables her students to better understand the science and art of choosing and using colour, including blacks and whites, in her Colour Theory Course. Correctly utilising the colour that surrounds us in art, provides clarity to the artistic statements we wish to convey in our medium of choice.

The Importance of Understanding Colour 

Colour defines our world and emotions. It is often the first impression we perceive, even before the shapes and lines of an object or scene give us the understanding of what we are looking at.

The dominance of green in a forest, is often the first impression we perceive even before the subtleties of lines, shapes and tones enable us to determine the type of forest and sometimes, even the “mood” of the forest.

More than any other element of design, colour in all its varieties and tones, can connect us emotionally to what we see by setting a mood, providing perspective that subtly influence our first impressions. Just as describing the sky is impossible without colour, we cannot truly create our art without careful colour consideration.

Colour Theory Course

A course for complete beginners covering the principles, techniques and skills that will enable you to apply Colour Theory to any drawing or painting. 

You will gain knowledge of how colour is perceived by the viewer including the visual perceptions resulting from colour mixing, matching and contrasting. Discover the intrinsic subliminal messaging that colours convey to the viewer as well as methodologies to replicate colour. Diane will also cover:

  • Palette Colours
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours
  • Greys and Dark Colours
  • Complementary Colours
  • Analogous Colours
  • Colour Tones, Shades and Tints


12 hours, One-on-One Tuition

Cost is $649.00 (excluding art supplies)

Monday to Thursday, 10am to 5pm & Saturday 11am to 4pm – times, class length and dates are negotiable to suit your needs and schedule. 

Class notes and handouts provided for each session.

Student to provide their own art supplies. Diane can provide information on locating suppliers as well as quality and quantity.

To enrol or make further enquiries email Diane: